5 Trending Summer Colors for Your Kitchen Renovation

Isle of Palms, South Carolina | Middleton Rutledge, Daniel Ravenel Sotheby’s International Realty

The kitchen is where culinary magic happens—and where impromptu gatherings take place, morning cups of coffee are made, and long dinners turn into even longer conversations. More than just a functional space, the kitchen is the social hub of the home, and as such, your kitchen should serve as a place of inspiration and possibility.

Taking cues from the best design trends emerging during the 2019 summer months, these colors are elevating kitchen spaces to their fullest potential.

Deep Greens

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Let the vibrancy of summer into your home with shades that reflect the greenery outside. Rich, saturated greens are hot this summer, and this hue is more than just a passing seasonal trend. Cabinets painted in forest green make a dramatic yet classic statement, and pair well with brass fixtures, smoky glass features, and marble backsplashes. Balance out rich greens with neutral  hardwood flooring or white countertops—the key to executing on this trend is to pair the deeper tones with airier elements for lift. The result is something that feels both fresh and luxurious.

Dynamic Blues

Dana Point, California | Bryan Gerlach, Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

In tandem with saturated greens, moody blues are making their way into kitchen design this summer. Stormy blues in deep shades of navy give depth and drama to kitchen spaces, whether you’re committing to a full wash of color or are keen on more subtle accents like millwork and backsplashes. Alternatively, turn up the volume with a true blue like Behr’s Color of the Year, Blueprint: like the sky on a twilit summer evening, blue is a captivating choice that feels both youthful and elegant applied to cabinets or pantry doors.

Reimagined Whites

La Jolla, California | Amanda Loew Rocco, Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

The most classic, summery shade of them all is a neutral white. Perpetually in style, white is breezy and fresh in a windows-open, warm, lilac-scented-sunlight kind of way. The key to making a white kitchen feel new is to complement the wash of white with sophisticated upgrades, like warm brown accents or gold fixtures. Opt for whites that skew towards natural tones rather than stark white: try creamy bone white or oatmeal for a moderated update. Retire the cool grays and give your kitchen a much-needed refresh with whites that evoke fresh linens on the line, achieved through a fresh coat of paint or details like white marble countertops. The goal is to strike upon a design scheme that is collected and bright in place of impersonal.

Warm Clay

Miramar Beach, Florida | Denise Greene, Scenic Sotheby’s International Realty

Pulling inspiration from the dusky Southwestern landscape, earthy hues are making their way into kitchen designs this summer, and for good reason. The warm tones play well with neutrals while providing a boost of energy to tired spaces; ditch cooler shades of gray for subtle accents of coral with a coat of paint to cabinets or walls. Toeing the line between orange and brown, terracotta is a versatile color to work with and plays well with organic materials like wood, tile, and copper. Embracing the hues of the desert is one guaranteed way to invite the summer indoors all year.

Matte Black

Snowmass Village, Colorado | Chris Klug, Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty

Black kitchens have been on the rise in contemporary homes, and as glossy, easily smudged surfaces fall out of fashion, matte is there to pick up the slack. While black may seem anti-summer, pairing this hue with browns, grays, and taupes means that your rooms can both attract and refract the light of the warmer months. To evoke the past and embrace maximalist glamour, outfit your cabinets in gold or copper accents; for a more modern take, go black and industrial in your handles and plumbing fixtures. Whether you’d rather prepare drinks in an Art Deco oasis or a sharply tailored eatory, 2019 black has your cupboards covered.

A nexus of activity and creativity, the kitchen is the center of the home for both the avid cook and the occasional host. Whatever your entertaining style, opt for wall treatments that feel modern and timeless, a balance that is achievable through considered design choices and a bit of inspiration.

Take a page from these thoughtfully designed homes to make your next kitchen renovation a colorful one.

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