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Market Report | August 2021

While the Toronto real estate market cooled over the summer months as it typically does, the demand for housing ownership in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) remained strong for August.  The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) is report...

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Kickstart your wellbeing journey with a wellness retreat Whether you are looking to shed a few kilos, rev up your fitness game or get in touch with your spiritual side, here are 10 top wellness retreats to recharge and reboot. 1. Kama...

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Picasso’s Alter Ego and Van Gogh’s Yellow Hat

In 1968 Picasso executed a series of large canvases depicting sword-brandishing musketeers. One of the great subjects of the artist's late oeuvre, the musketeer was one of the various archetypes that populated his paintings. In choosing the ico...

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The World’s First Luxury Hotel for Dogs

The World’s First Luxury Hotel for Dogs Is Here to Pamper Your Pooch 24/7 This is one place where every pet is allowed to sleep on the bed. It’s the latest five-star hotel to open in London. Custom beds, handcrafted by a local workshop...

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Inside A Sophisticated Wine Country Aerie

In ancient mythology, Aurora, the goddess of dawn, would dance across the sky announcing the arrival of the sun each day. An address on Aurora Lane, then, feels fitting for this one-of-a-kind home, which with its southern orientation and wall...

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Letting the Light In

Wake up to rejuvenating sunshine flooding into your home at these stunning properties. One of the architect’s best tools is so powerful that it can sculpt a space and enhance your wellbeing. It is shapeless and weightless. It boosts moods an...

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4 Charming Courtyards To Welcome You Home

Courtyards are by no means a modern architectural revelation, though they have surged in popularity in recent years as architects look to capitalize on natural light and outdoors spaces. Traditionally an open-air area surrounded by buildings ...

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