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Waterfront Homes That Embrace The Landscape

Water sustains the survival of everything on Earth. The sight of water is soothing to our eyes, the sound of it is comforting to our ears, and the touch of it is calming to our souls. So it’s only natural that homes that stand at the land’s end have always held a special appeal and are highly sought after in luxury real estate.

Here are five fabulous properties that gracefully complement the qualities seen in their local landscapes and seascapes without getting lost in them.

The Sublimity of the Pacific Northwest

The entire Pacific Northwest coast is shaped by the water. Surging mists roll off the surf and nourish the temperate rainforests, giving rise to some of the most productive and regenerative ecosystems on Earth.

With bright wooden architecture that accentuates the madrone trees growing along the rugged shoreline, as well as entire walls of glass, the aptly named “Light House” makes the most of its splendid location. The combination of panoramic windows and connected sundecks, gardens, patios, and pathways provide ideal indoor-outdoor living spaces set in harmony with the landscape.

The Intensity of the Mediterranean Sea

Warm in summer and mild in winter, the Mediterranean Sea extends an irresistible invitation to enjoy and indulge. It’s immersive in every way; aesthetically, with the brilliant blue of its surface, and physically, with its balmy, spa-like waters. It’s the kind of place that must be experienced to be believed.

Its second-largest island of Sardinia epitomizes this, which is what made it so attractive to legendary Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur Mariuccia Mandelli. She built this two-floor villa with interior living spaces so sumptuous, luminous, and vast that they feel like authentic extensions of the nearby beach.

The Radiance of the Aegean Coastline

The geography of the Aegean Sea is a fantastical setting, offering a gorgeous stretch of water famed for the sheer number of archipelagos it contains.

“Sea Melody,” a magnificent property on Paros, is in the middle of this stunning scenery. The flat, geometric contours of the home are tastefully contiguous with the low-lying islands in its vicinity, and the sprawling 49-foot pool mirrors the azure skies and brings the water right to the center of the residence.

The Dynamism of the Otago Mountains

No mountain range deserves its name more than the Remarkables, with its striking silhouette rising over the shores of Lake Wakatipu. The streams, ponds, and lakes in its foothills teem with fresh meltwater year-round, holding a mirror to the summits and skies.

Nowhere is this more pronounced than at Pokapu,” an award-winning feat of architecture that reflects the terrain—from the staggered angles of its roofs to the stones of its pillars and chimneys. The natural materials are infused with warm tones that make the home a pleasing, welcoming retreat in any season.

The Endlessness of the South Atlantic

Open ocean is arresting to behold, especially at the extreme end of the world’s second-largest continent. On the tip of South Africa, the water spreads to the distant horizon in three directions, conjuring a singular sense of boundlessness.

This particular residence capitalizes on Cape Town’s topography to provide the most breathtaking evening vistas. And from the expansive indoor areas to the outdoor verandas and lawns, the floorplan beautifully follows the contours of the rocky outcropping it occupies.

Water is precious—and while more than 70% of our blue planet may be covered in it, the opportunity to reside in its immediate presence still feels like a rare and sacred privilege. That’s why homes near the water are so resolutely sought after, and it’s why these five unique properties are ultimately so spectacular.

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