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7 Continents, 7 Unique Experiences: Here Is The Ultimate Bucket List

We’re all a little stuck at the moment, confined to our houses for the greater good and our own health, but that certainly shouldn’t stop us from planning the most amazing trips and dreaming of life outside our bubbles.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration post-virus isolation, then get creative and make a bucket list for yourself for when the time comes to travel once again. Here are thoughts on the ultimate travel bucket list that encompasses all seven continents of the world – you’ll have to leave the fearless side of yourself at home as these are not only truly unforgettable and unique experiences but some may just present a physical challenge for you. They will certainly be worth it though and will leave you with some amazing photos and memories to treasure and stories to share.


Head to China for a thrilling trek along the Mount Huashan Plank Walk – sometimes referred to as the world’s most dangerous hike. The name doesn’t do much to calm your worries and the fact that there’s a death-defying stretch along a narrow wooden plank above a sheer drop down the mountain won’t do much to ease the nerves either. But if you’re searching for a thrill-seeking adventure (you are strapped in for the plank part) this walk will appeal. Just be careful when taking snaps, many accidents are put down to tourists trying to get that perfect image, so photograph if you can but enjoy the experience too.


Combine nature at its finest with a little bit of luxury thrown in too with a stay in a treetop suite in the heart of Africa. Wake up to elephants wandering below you or come face to face with a giraffe and spend your days exploring the beautiful terrain and the wildlife that live within it. Go for the Tongabezi tree house in Zambia on the banks of the Zambezi River near Victoria Falls where you can spot hippos frolicking in the river from the luxury of your claw foot tub or king size bed up high in your accommodation in an ebony tree.


Visit Europe’s largest waterfall and, if you’re feeling brave, rent out a canoe and explore the 150-metre wide Rhine Falls in Switzerland from up close. A beautiful country to visit on any given day, Switzerland offers large crystal-clear lakes, imposing mountains and an agreeable way of life. With several hundred cubic metres of water rushing down at a rate of 23 metres per second, the canoe experience may put you off, but you can take a boat trip to the rock in the middle of the falls instead. If you are feeling brave you can climb the rock – just remember to get that perfect shot!

South America

Cross the Bolivian salt flats – the Salar de Uyuni – which cover 4,500 square miles and create the most magnificent shimmering mirror effect due to the collection of a thin film of water during the rainy season. The salt desert, the largest in the world, is the remains of a prehistoric lake hence the shining mirage that can be spotted as far as the eye can see. Glistening in the sunlight, this unique landscape will create the most amazing images with its bright white salt and, though wildlife is rare, you may very well spot some flamingos on your travels.

North America

The elusive Northern Lights – or Aurora Borealis – may be difficult to spot, but head to Borealis Basecamp in Alaska and you’ll have a great chance of spotting them through a see-through dome. Sitting 25 miles north of Fairbanks in a hundred private acres of black spruce and birch forest are ten domes with 16-foot clear viewing roofs. Saving you the time and energy of getting up in the middle of the night to trek out to a remote spot in the hopes of seeing them, these pods offer the perfect place to spot the night show. With heated interiors, private bathrooms, porches and European style interior design as well as tasty dinners and dog sled excursions you may never actually want to leave.


Dolphins are lovely and clever and all but how about swapping out this experience for something a little more edge-of-your-seat? Swimming with sharks will give you the thrill you desire and, though you won’t actually be swimming alongside them – we’ve all seen Jaws – no thanks, you’ll be about as close as you can possibly get in an underwater cage. Head to Port Lincoln to get up close and personal with a great white and learn more about their habitat and traits too.


The world’s only uninhabited continent may sound like it doesn’t actually offer much excitement, but it certainly does. With extreme weather and temperatures and ice dominating the landscape, this will certainly offer a visit that you won’t forget. Spot the personality filled penguins in their natural habitat, sail through iceberg-flanked passageways on your way to port Lockroy – a British research station-turned museum and tick this once-in-a-lifetime experience off your list.

Luxury Lifestyle by Natasha Heard May 2020

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