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The World’s Most Luxurious Airports

Traveling is one of the most unique experiences on this planet- visiting new places, meeting new people, trying new food along with memorable adventures to hold for a lifetime, traveling is truly a blessing. However, no one likes the actual flying part not to mention airports, which are usually considered a daunting and boring experience we all must endure.

However, as of recently, some airports have stepped up their game up to the next level. These airports offer everything except boredom- from swimming pools, six-floor shopping malls, fitness centers to actual beds, these airports are changing stereotypes.

The travel experts at Shakti Himalaya gave us their insight into the most luxurious airports to look for around the world.


Dubbed as one of the healthiest airports in the world, Zurich Airport offers a fitness center so you can squeeze in a workout on your long layover. Not to mention this airport is very modern, sleek and beautiful.


Known to be very efficient, sleek and ultra-clean. The Tokyo Haneda International airport has a six-story shopping mall, which will allow you to kill any extra time you may have very easily. This airport is truly a masterpiece worth visiting in Asia.


A full tourist experience by itself, the Singapore Changi airport is the ultimate picture of glamour, offering amazing facilities like 24-hour free movie theatres, a waterfall with a butterfly garden, and a stunning high-end duty-free shopping. Moreover, free tours around Singapore are offered by the staff for passengers with a layover longer than six hours.


The names Dubai and luxury are synonymous at this point, and the Dubai International Airport doesn’t disappoint either. It offers everything from swimming pools, jewelry, and electronics shops to actual beds, what else can one ask for?


Gulf countries love luxury and their airports are a clear indication of that! Hamad’s International Airport in Qatar is the perfect example. Although it only opened in 2014, this airport modern design and outstanding facilities made it one of the best airports on earth. And just like the Dubai airport, this airport offers a swimming pool and full entertainment facilities for you to enjoy while waiting.


With its chill and beachy vibe, the Brisbane airport is the perfect representation of Australia. It offers a beautiful, clean and spacious interior, making it rank constantly amongst the best airports every year for both its appearance and customer satisfaction. This airport is a must-visit if you love Australia!

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